April 2010

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” was one of my favorite sayings as a young boy.  At the time I thought little more of it than of the fun-to-say, singsong nature of the phrase.  When I got older, I heard the joke, “If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?”  I thought I was a riot when I told the answer to my friends who couldn’t guess.  I’d burst out, “Pilgrims!  Get it?  Mayflowers? Like the ship?”  None of them thought it was quite as amusing as I did.

When I sat to write this April newsletter – a process which I’m so fond of because it allows me to connect with all of you – that same singsong phrase came tumbling into my head.  I realized it’s remained significant to me after all these years for two reasons.  Initially, because that’s the very first joke I remember learning.  Though the April showers/May flowers phrase was a similar one to me, the reasoning of the joke – and the new perspective it imparted – caused me to look at a once-familiar phrase in an entirely new way.  I relish in the moments in life when I’m given the opportunity to see something newly.  Whether it be a documentary from a foreign land or someone being willing to share with me a differing point-of-view; I find it a gift to be able to view the commonplace newly.

The second reason I believe the April showers/May flowers phrase has remained in my mind after all this time, when virtually all of the other childhood sayings slipped away is because of what I believe to be its inherent significance: that what we do now prepares for our abundance to come, or the lack thereof.  It is because of that forward-looking possibility that I chose to specialize in estate planning in the first place.  Funny, it all started with a nursery rhyme.  One of my favorite quotes states it all more eloquently than I, “The future depends on what we do in the present.” –Mahatma Gandhi

I leave you with this thought: what is it that you can do today which will give you and your loved ones the tomorrows of your dreams?  I charge you with doing now, without delay.  In closing, I wish you a month of rich “April showers,” bringing you all of the “May flowers” that your heart desires.
Joel J. Loquvam

Attorney At Law