July 2011

Did you know July is National Recreation and Parks Month?  It’s true!  For the past twenty-six years, July has been designated as the month to get out and celebrate the beauty and the delight that parks provide.  How fitting.  With the weather being so warm, I find myself naturally being drawn out of doors to enjoy the fresh air.  Earlier this week, I was driving back to the office and was early for my next appointment.  Rather than heading back inside the office, I pulled over at Beverly Gardens Park, the parkway north of Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills.  I found a spot in the shade, turned off the engine and left my suit jacket in the car.

Once on the grass, I could hardly believe myself; I slipped off one shoe then the other, then one sock then the other.  Soon I stood barefoot on the grass and planted my toes down into the moist, cool earth.  It was heavenly.  Suddenly I was returned to summers past and the memory of being a boy.  Within an instant, my mind was filled with thoughts of dashing through the sprinklers, playing catch with Julius, our husky mix, and racing as fast as my legs would carry me.

I must have let out a chuckle because a mother passing by with her two young ones responded to me by saying, “It’s pretty great; isn’t it?”  She kicked up a leg to indicate that she was speaking about being barefoot before she sped off to chase her toddlers.

“It sure is,” I responded with a smile after she’d gone, “It sure is…”

Wishing you a summer that exceeds even your best memories of summers gone by–


Joel J. Loquvam

Attorney At Law