March 2010

People, religions and cultures worldwide have long celebrated the start of the year in March.  Ancient peoples in the northern hemisphere saw the commencement of spring as the logical time to mark the launching of a New Year.  As a matter of fact, Great Britain and her colonies commemorated the beginning of each year in March until the year 1752, when they finally adopted the Gregorian calendar.

Even though as March’s days dwindle we’ll be closing in on the end of the first quarter of 2010, I find there is some possibility to reinvigorate ourselves with this ancient sense of the newness of the year.  On March 14th, Daylight Saving Time begins, adding an extra – and dare I say – welcome hour of daylight to our evenings, and within that same week, on March 20th, we fête the first day of spring.  I am choosing to allow these gifts of the season to encourage and bolster my resolve to take on the projects and resolutions which I created for myself in January, some of which have started to occur as nothing but a faint memory at this point.

Perhaps this “spring boost,” infusing our communal resolve, is where the notion of spring cleaning initially arose!  Whatever the source, I will ride and add to this uplifting energy as long as I can.  As I do, I am keeping in mind the way nature herself is coming back to life and awakening from her “long winter’s nap,” and I am choosing to do the same.

As you enjoy our newsletter this month, I wish you a sense of newness and awakening and all that provides for you, your family and your endeavors.

Joel J. Loquvam

Attorney at Law